Internet of things In Website Design And Development

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT) is gaining popularity across the web. It is all set to revolutionize human interaction with technology, bringing about change to people’s lives. To be precise, the term ‘things’ in IoT refers to those everyday objects that we find in our houses – connected to the internet. It is said that a deep bond has been formed between the virtual and real world through IoT.

And interestingly, our website design and web development process are slowly being connected to work in line with the IoT. A better definition of IoT is that a device is assigned a unique ID, making it easier to pull together information, which can be then exchanged or shared over the internet without the need for a human interference. Some of the examples of IoT devices include Apple Watch, Nest, ATM machines, self-driving cars, and others.

The concept of IoT has been around since the year 1974, but it was not until recently that people were hit with a realization on how IoT can change the process of human interaction to make their lives better. This means that this device can pull and transmit information over the internet without any human interaction. Nowadays, IoT and web design are connected for better user experience.

IoT and Website Design

So how do IoT and website design connect?

Before that, it is important to understand graphical user interface (GUI) – which is all the elements of a site that you can find on your mobile app, desktop and others. In fact, your design layout is what spreads through these that you are seeing.

Now, it is important to find out what are the different design considerations and other latest web design trends that need to be implemented with IoT to improve interaction.

Back End

How do you think you can connect your users to get them to interact with IoT devices? So, this interaction with IoT devices can be powered by initiating a communication bridge between these.  The technique of communication would vary from one device to another – since each device has a unique set of capabilities, commands, and functionalities that are used to transmit and receive information.

But now, you can use node.js, which is one of the common web development frameworks that can be used for interaction with IoT devices. Each device has their own unique set of well-defined and documented methods and properties.


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